Parental Control Options

Content Access rules can be set at the person or device level.

Content Access uses a database of known domains to restrict what types of websites can be accessed by the person or device based the following levels:

  • No Limits – No restrictions 
  • No Adult Content - All content tagged as adult content will not be accessible. 
  • Teenager Friendly – Most content is allowed except the ones deemed too sensitive for teenagers that is tagged as NOT appropriate for teens will be filtered and inaccessible. 
  • Kid Appropriate – Only content appropriate for younger children will be accessible. 

Note: Admins can manually approve (whitelist) or block (blacklist) specific domains or IP addresses. An Admin whitelist/blacklist can override sites that have been blocked/approved by Content Access, Online Protection or Adblocking.

Internet Freeze and Timeout

You can set Internet Freeze schedules or Timeouts at the device level.

Internet Freeze prevents a device from accessing the network for the schedule time. This feature is useful for parents that wants to limit how much time their children spend on the internet. The schedule options available are: 

  • Until End of Day – Until 11:59PM of that day.
  • Indefinitely – Until the device is manually unfrozen. 
  • School Night – Sunday through Thursday with adjustable start and end times.
  • Bed Time – Everyday with adjustable start and end times.
  • Custom – Start and stop times can be customized by day and time.  

Note: If the School Nights setting is enabled, you can change it to Until End of Day. This will override the School Night setting for that day, extending internet access until 11:59PM.

Tapping the Pause button on a device or person will temporarily block internet access for a short period of time. 

  • 1st tap – 15 minute Time Out 
  • 2nd tap – 30 minute Time Out 
  • 3rd tap - Cancels the Time Out

Note: The only device that cannot be timed out is the device running the Plume app.

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