All pods have single LED that indicate the current status of the Pod based on the  color and blink pattern. If your pod(s) are displaying a Pod failure (red light), please contact Technical Support so that the device can be swapped

Solid, Blue   

Pod is starting, should be almost instantaneous when connected to power

  • If there is a delayed solid blue light when connecting to power, the pod may be defective and require a replacement

Pulsing, Green

Pod is attempting to find a connection to the network

Pulsing, White 

Pod has connection to the internal network and is attempting to find a connection to the cloud

Blinking, Green 

Changes are being made to the Pod or to the network Occurs when: 

  • An optimization is in progress.  
  • A Pod is being renamed using through the app.  Bluetooth locating is not required for this to occur.  Pods not being renamed have the LED turned off.  Will timeout after 20 minutes once the LED has been triggered for renaming.

LED Off 

Normal Status or planned cloud outage

  • If LED does not come on for any trigger on known working outlet, requires replacement

Rapid Blink, Red 

Pod hardware failure, requires replacement

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