Plume Motion allows your SuperPods to act as motion detectors for your home by using disturbances in the WiFi connections to detect movement and sending alerts to the user's phone.

  • The sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore the movement of pets. 
  • A live view and history of up to 7 days are visible in the Plume app. 
  • Connections between SuperPods and devices can also be used to detect motion. 
  • The alerts can be turned on and off automatically, based on when people are home, no additional monitoring is required.

Note: Plume Motion is not a replacement for a home security system. Plume Motion will not notify authorities in the event of a break-in or burglary. This will only detect motion within the range of your WiFi network. This feature can be disabled if you do not want to receive alerts.

People at Home uses each person’s Primary device connection to the network to determine if they are at home. Everyone is considered away 15 minutes after the last person’s Primary device disconnects from the WiFi, enabling Motion Alerts. 

Notifications must be enabled for Motion Alerts, but notifications for people returning or leaving can be enabled/disabled for each person. Available Motion Detection Devices can be customized by the user. The list is populated with devices connected to a SuperPod when Motion Detection is enabled. Resetting the the system (Turn off Motion Detection for 10 minutes), will re-populate the list. 3 devices per pod will be used to detect motion. 

Note: The cloud updates every ten minutes, disabling and substituting unsuitable devices, although this is not displayed in the app. 

Motion Sensitivity adjusts how much motion intensity is needed to trigger Motion detection. Increasing sensitivity can help if the system has a limited amount of SuperPods and/or sounding devices available. Pet detection can be enabled when the sensitivity is set to "High"; this setting increases the duration necessary to trigger an alert from the standard 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

Motion Detected Views

Live View: Motion intensity graph shows about the last 10 seconds of data. When motion is present, one or more devices will become visible along with their motion intensity indicators. These can be used to localize the motion in the home. There is a toggle at the bottom of this screen to turn on or off WiFi Motion Detection. 

Note: Turning off motion detection is a network level setting, so it’s not possible to enable/disable one specific pod.

Motion Today: Shows motion that has occurred today, which is defined as being from 12am to 12am. Motion is broken down into percentages of each hour it occurred. 

  • A full bar would indicate there was constant motion observed through all 60 minutes. 
  • An empty bar indicates no motion was observed during that hour.

Each day is also color coded to indicate what type of event was being being observed and/or the status of the system. 

  • Blue: Normal motion observed while the system is set to home 
  • Green (Background): The system is set to the “Away” setting 
  • Red: A motion event that occurred while the system was armed (I’m Away) and notification(s) were sent. 
  • White: WiFi Motion has been set to disabled

Motion Last 7 Days: Shows motion that has occurred in the last 7 days. Each pill item represents one hour of motion and the color intensity indicates the percentage of time during that hour it was in that state. 

  • Example: Intense Red or Intense Blue means there were motion alarms triggered for during the majority of that hour.

Color indicates the types of events and/or the system settings during that hour:

  • Blue: At least one normal motion event was observed while the system is set to home. 
  • Green: The system is set to “I’m Away” but no motion was observed. 
  • Red: At least one motion event that occurred while the system was armed (Set to “I'm Away”) and notification(s) were sent. 
  • White: Wi-Fi Motion has been set to disabled. 
  • Grey: System was set to “I'm at Home” and saw no motion or the hour is in the future.

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