When enabled Plume AI Security protects your network by preventing access to malicious websites that can harm the devices on your network, without impacting the performance of your browsing experience.

Online Protection: Uses a constantly updating database to block your devices from accessing known malicious websites. Enabled at the network, person or device level.

Tapping on Manage Security Events brings up a list with a graph showing all blocked events. The list will show the past 30 days of triggered events, which can be filtered by type. Tapping on the graph will highlight the number of events for that day.

Each event will have a brief description with info on why it was blocked and what device was trying to access it. Tapping the event gives the option to unblock that domain. Depending on the level it was blocked at, you are given the option to unblock it either for the person, device, or for everyone on the network. 

Advanced IoT™ Protection (AIP): Quarantines smart home devices when we detect unusual behavior. AIP can only be enabled at the network level.

The cloud knows which domains supported smart home devices are supposed to regularly access. If the supported device tries to access a previously unknown domain, it is immediately quarantined and a notification is sent to the user. While in quarantine the device will maintain internet connectivity, but will be placed in the Internet Only zone so it cannot infect other local network devices.

The user has the choice to remove the device from quarantine the device for an hour so it can be tested. If the event is due to a recent firmware update or feature update on the device that now requires access to a previously unknown domain, the device can be unquarantined permanently.

Adblocker: Makes your web experience more enjoyable by blocking known advertising servers. Enabled at the network, person or device level.

Turning on Privacy Mode turns off all DNS sampling. Device typing accuracy will also be impacted by turning the feature on.

Note: Enabling Privacy Mode will disable all AI Security and Content Access features.

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