In order to use the Smartband Wireless services, you must have an account with Plume.

The setup and on-boarding are completed with a CDE broadband technician during your installation. 

You must have a smartphone or tablet and an email address that you have access to in order to have and use this service.

After entering your name, email address, and choosing a password (at least 8 characters), you will be sent 

a verification email. You must click the "Verify Email" button to verify your new account. The app will then guide you step-by-step though the setup of your new wireless network. Please follow these steps thoroughly and pay attention to the Pod Placement Tips. 

At the end of the initial setup the app will initiate the first self-optimization:

  • As the cloud receives more information about the environment from the pods, optimizations will continually be fine tuned in order to improve the performance of your network. 
  • Additional optimizations will be triggered every night around 2AM and then as needed based on environmental factors.


Home Screen - iOS 

 Home Screen - Android

Main Menu – Opens the main menu to access settings and features.

  • Adaptive WiFi™: Change the SSID, manage pods and Advanced WiFi Settings (router settings). 
  • HomePass®: Manage and create passwords for the Wi-Fi. 
  • AI Security: Online Protection, Advanced IoT™ Protection, Ad Blocking and Privacy Mode. 
  • More (iOS only): Enable or disable automatic ISP Speed Tests. 
  • Sign Out (Android only): Log out of the account 
  • Support: Find ways to contact support, view app version, access FAQs and Terms & Conditions. 
  • Account: Log out of the account or switch between accounts. View membership information.

Current Device – Shows the network the current device is connected to. Brings up that device’s detail screen and also has the option for a Device Speed Test.

Topology View – Brings up a visual representation of the network. Tapping the empty space will also bring up the same view.

  • The green globe icon represents a Gateway or parent pod, which is the Plume pod that is connected via an Ethernet cable to the Internet outlet or Zhone device in your home. 
  • Additional pods connected via WiFi to the parent pod are shown in white, and offline pods are shown in red. 
  • All wireless devices currently connected will orbit around the pods they are connected to.
  • To change the display of the network topology, tap the Topology Layer Options icon at the bottom-right or your screen.

Plume Motion – Brings up Plume Motion menu and indicates status.

Plume Motion button acts as a live motion indicator. The button stays white when no motion is detected, and changes to purple when motion is detected. The circle around the button will also fill to indicate motion intensity. Tap the button to view the Plume Motion page.

HomePass® – Brings up Plume HomePass® settings (Wi-Fi passwords).

For more info on how to use Plume HomePass, please click here

Gateway pod – Contains the ISP Speed Test screen.

People at Home – People management options. The number shown is how many of those people are currently home based on their main device.

People at Home is part of Pume Motion™. It allows the user to receive notifications about when a person who has a primary device assigned connects or disconnects from the network. Click here for more info on the People at Home Feature.

Devices – Brings up the device list. The number shown is how many devices are currently connected.

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