1. Visit wtve.net
  2. Select the register tab at the top
  3. Create a login using your CDE account number
    A. You must enter the entire account number including the numbers after the dash
    B. You only need to enter the last name on the account
  4. The email address you use to set up the account will be you username
  5. Once you hit submit, you will get an email to complete the registration.
  6. Once you have created a login, there are two ways to watch tv

    A. You can go to the website and login, you will see a list of networks to choose from
    B. You can download the individual apps for the networks on your smartphones and or tablets

  7. Either way you choose, once you login you will be asked to select a service provider
  8. Using the drop down menu, scroll down and select CDE Lightband
  9. Then provide your username/password, which you set up previously

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More info on watchTVeverywhere: WTVE (watchTVeverywhere) Info

Contact CDE Technical support at 931-648-8151