Whenever you call in to troubleshoot with us, we are able to see which devices are connected to the Ethernet outlets we have installed in your home. The simplest way to think of your Internet connection is two devices communicating with each other. Your wireless router "talks" to CDE equipment when it displays its mac-address, and CDE equipment "talks" to your router in return by sending it an IP address, allowing your router and connected devices access to the Internet. However, when a router displays multiple mac-addresses instead of just its own it confuses CDE equipment. This is referred to as a backwards router.

What causes backwards routers?

The wrong type of router:

CDE Lightband does not use cable modems, and we will not install your connection with a COAX line. Only a cat5-e outlets and cables will be installed. In order for services to work properly, a Gigabit Ethernet wireless router should be connected. Router/Modem combos and any device with COAX are not compatible with a CDE Internet connection. 

Router is setup/configured incorrectly:

When you purchase and set up a router, select router only mode. (Access point or other modes may be recommended by the set-up wizard, but because CDE does not use cable modems, we require the device to be set up as router only). The AP (access point) or Bridged modes should always be disabled. Some routers may enable this mode when updating the firmware. If you are unsure how to check these settings in your router, please contact the router's manufacturer. 

Router is wired incorrectly:

Verify that the Ethernet line plugged into the wall port is connected to the WAN/Internet port on the back of your router, and that the connection is secure on both ends. Most routers will have multiple Ethernet ports; normally the correct port is a different color from the others (commonly yellow, with 4 grey or blue ports). The 4 additional ports are called LAN ports, and these are meant to send the connection from your router to hard-lined devices such as game consoles and computers. If your router has different port labels, please refer to the user guide for your router to know which is the WAN and which is the LAN. 

  • If you are using a CDE router, please verify that your Internet device is connected to an Internet port. (GE1) and that you do not have two ports on the same device connected to one another. 
    • Example; GE2 should not be connected to GE3.

Important note about backwards routers

When a router is wired or configured backwards, it is essentially trying to be both a modem and a router. This conflicts with our equipment. Although you may not have a modem inside of your home, the ONT which your cat5-e outlets are wired to fills that role. We should only ever see the mac-address for your router on your Internet port, just as we should only see the mac-address for your cable box on your video port. 

Once a router is in a backwards state, it will worsen until manually resolved. This will not only affect your individual connection (causing drops, increased buffering, and speed loss from the looping in the network), but poses great risk to CDE equipment and to the services of other customers. 

Due to our terms and conditions, backwards routers that are not resolved will result in the disabling of your Internet port(s). 

When we discover that your equipment is looping within the network, we will attempt to notify you and allow 24 hours on average to correct the issue. If the loop is severe enough, this may be shortened to only a few hours. If the loop is affecting another customer, the port will be disabled immediately. Once disabled, the issue must be corrected before your connection is restored. 

Once you have corrected the wiring to your router and/or disabled the AP mode within your router, you must contact Technical Support at 931-648-8151 to verify that the loop is resolved. If there are still multiple mac-addresses showing, your port will be disabled again. If you would like a Broadband Service Technician to come to your home and assist with your backwards router, please schedule an appointment my contacting Technical Support. Please be advised that any service call addressing the set-up, wiring, or configuration of a router that was not provided to you by CDE Lightband will incur a fee of $30.

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