For electrical outages, please click here.

There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing problems with your service(s). Most of the time, service issues can be resolved with troubleshooting. We have FAQ articles for common Internet, Cable, or Phone issues which can be found here: CDELightband Knowledge base

Sometimes your issue may be a part of an outage in your area, or from extensive maintenance/repairs in your area. We will notify you if there is extensive maintenance scheduled for your area. Sometimes however, we will need to complete emergency maintenance that was not scheduled in advance. In both cases, we aim to keep the downtime to a minimum, or will schedule the maintenance for a time when the fewest people are generally active. Once we are aware of any extensive electrical or broadband outages, updates are posted to our Facebook page.

If you think there may be a broadband outage in your area, consider the following before reporting as an outage:

1. Was the electricity in your home previously out? If so, check to see if any equipment has been surged. (If your router or cable box is no longer receiving power, try moving the cord to a different power outlet). If you are unable to get your CDE router or cable box to power on, please contact Technical Support to schedule an equipment swap. 

2. Did all of your broadband services drop at the same time? If you have 2 or more services on your broadband account (ex. internet and cable) and they both dropped at the same time, this could indicate an outage in your outdoor terminal or point to a larger outage in your area. 

3. Did you try to troubleshoot the problem? If your service suddenly drops it may not necessarily be due to an outage. Regardless of how much technology advances from year to year, a trusty cure-all is still to reboot. Turn the device off and on again. Of course if a reboot doesn't seem to help or is not within your means, Tech Support is available 24/7 to assist with troubleshooting service issues. 

With all things considered, if there is an issue with any of your services with CDELightband it is always best to report them to us. We cannot know there is a problem with your service unless it is reported. You can report any problems with your broadband services here, or by calling 931-648-8151. We also have a live chat available, although please be mindful that only Technical Support chat is available for 24/7 customer support. Click here for more information on our hours of operation. 

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Contact CDE Technical Support at 931-648-8151