CDELightband offers DVR service to additional boxes in your home with our Whole Home DVR service. This allows you to pause, rewind, and record live TV on all boxes (including regular SD/HD boxes). You must have at least one DVR box with this service, and this DVR controls your WHDVR features to the other boxes. 

Q. I'm getting a disk error when trying to record. How do I fix it?

A disk error is a fatal error within the DVR and cannot be corrected. If you receive a disk error, a service technician will need to come out and replace the box for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer recordings from one DVR to another. Any saved recordings on the box would be lost. 

Q. My box won't let me record anymore/My saved recordings are missing?

The DVR system needs to be reset. If you have just a standalone DVR box, then reboot as detailed below. If you have WHDVR, you will need to follow the reboot steps for each set-top box in your home, starting with the main DVR. Please make sure the DVR itself fully loads before moving on to your other boxes. 

To reboot your Set-top box:

  • Locate the power cord on the back of your STB (black wire that is round at the end) and unplug it. 
  • Locate the box's Ethernet cord (looks like a phone wire, plastic clip on the end) and squeeze the small lever on the plastic end to loosen and unplug it.  
  • After 30 seconds, reconnect the cords in reverse order. (First the Ethernet, the plug in the power cord) 
  • Wait for the box to fully load. 


Note: If saved recordings are ever lost due to a glitch, disk error, or when the DVR is replaced, there is no way to retrieve them.


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