Accessing the Voicemail System for the First Time:

  1. From your digital voice phone, dial *62 or your phone number.
  2. The default pass code is 4227
  3. When prompted, enter a new pass code
  4. Re-enter the same new pass code at the prompt
  5. If your new pass code is accepted, you will hear “your password has been changed successfully”
  6. When prompted, record your name/voicemail 
  7. Press the # key
  8. Once in the system, you will hear “Welcome to your Voice Messaging System. If you are not calling from your home phone, press the * key.”

Accessing Voicemail while at Home or Away:

  1. From any phone, dial your phone number.
  2. Press * to access your voicemail, once your recording picks up.
  3. Enter your pass code at the prompt.

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