The problem could be inside your home, either with your phones or your wiring. Here's how to isolate the potential problem.

First, make sure all phones are hung up correctly. If you find any phones off the hook, hang them up, give it a moment and then see if this corrects the problem.

Next, anything that is plugged into a phone jack should be unplugged from the phone jack and the electrical outlet. Then using a corded phone that you know works properly, plug it into each jack, one after the other. Check for a clear dial tone.

  • If all jacks have a clear dial tone with a corded phone, then you may simply need to replace the phone that is not working or replace a dead phone battery.
  • If you find one or more of your jacks does not have a clear dial tone, then usually it is an inside wiring problem. You can contact us at or call us at 648-8151 to request a service call  (additional charges may apply).

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