Static, hissing, echoes and other noises you hear on your landline are often caused by simple things you can check and correct on your own.

Check for interference

Using a cordless phone? You may be experiencing interference or there may be problems with the phone.

Other electronic products can cause interference with your cordless phone. Try installing your phone as far away as possible from these types of electronic devices:

  • modems
  • wireless networking equipment
  • personal computers
  • radios and televisions
  • cell phones
  • other cordless phones
  • intercoms and room monitors
  • kitchen appliances


If your cordless handset has a CHANNEL (or CHAN) button, press it in order to improve the sound quality. You many need to press the button more than once.

Move the handset closer to the base

  1. The operating range may vary with environmental conditions and time of use. There may be places within your home that a cordless phone will not work well.
  2. To get better reception, try moving the telephone base to higher location.

Check the battery

Your phones battery may not be fully charged or the batteries may be flat (not holding a recharge), try replacing the battery.

Check the cords

Check phone cords for damage or cracks and replace if necessary.

Remove line-splitter

Avoid using line splitters - adapters that allow two phones to fit on one phone jack. They can cause phone line noise. Plug your phone directly into the phone jack - does that solve the problem?

If you are still having issues please reach out to us at or 648-8151 for a technician to assist you further. 

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