These steps are for initial set-up of your personal router or re-configuring a device that has been factory reset. If you are using a CDE rental router, please contact technical support for assistance.

(Most router companies have an app available on smartphones that will assist with the first time set-up process)

1. Verify proper connections


Make sure your router is securely connected on one end to the port in your wall and on the other end to the "WAN" or "Internet" port on your router using an ethernet cable. Next plug the router in to a power outlet and check the lights on the front to ensure that the device is powered on.

2. Connect to your router

Either connect your device to your router's wireless network, or plug one end of an ethernet cable into the router and the other end into a device with an ethernet port. 

3. Access router configurations page

First open an internet browser on your device. In the search bar of your browser, visit one of the following websites depending on your router's make.

Netgear: or 





4. Configure router

Follow the set-up wizard to complete router configuration. You can also use this site to create a custom wifi password and SSID. 

If the site prompts you to enter a username/password, the default for most routers is as follows:

Username: admin

Password: password

For further assistance and more detailed instructions, please visit one of the following website depending on your router's make.






Recommended configurations

- DHCP mode
- MTU at default 1500

- Disable "Access Point" or "Bridge" mode.

- Most routers choose channels by auto mode and that is usually ch 6. If you are having issues, use ch 1 or 11